I am a full mesa carrier of the traditional Andean energy medicine and healing practises, and part the healing lineage now continuing also in the western world. The path to become a healer meant to me to work through own challenges and shadows that have prevented me acting from my heart for a long time in my life, and turning these findings into strengths, which can be utilized now in healing practises. There were a lot of wounds in me due to various issues, for example losing my father at the age on one, experiencing alcoholism in the family as well as raising a wonderful daughter as a single mom, unintentionally to start with.

I have been studying with my beloved teacher Jeanette Mantel, who has been learning this tradition directly with Alberto Villoldo, the founder of the Four Winds Society in US. Alberto was and is one of the 3 chosen western people to start spreading this ancient wisdom to the western world and created the concept for westerners to grasp it logically also. Also I have deepened my understanding with Jeffrey Wium, director of the Wisdomkeepers Paqo Andino film and  a skilled and initiated paqo  himself, and travelled with both of my teachers in Peru.

I visited Peru, the highlands and Sacred Valley summer 2014 and had a joyful encounter with the world of paqos, which I already knew so well in my heart. I got to experience local energy medicine practises and healings, despachos and initiations with local Paqo's. Spring 2015 I visited Peru another time, mostly around Pumacanci area and also spent time in the most sacred mountain, Ausangate, with lots of ceremonies and prayers, in the altitude over 4000m, some close to 5000m.

This learning is a full-life learning experience. I encourage you to try energy healing in case you feel you are stuck, cannot get rid of heavy burdens you carry, repeat non-working behaviours or eliminate unfavourable, still physically inactivated imprints in your luminous body, and cannot work these with your mind (as we often cannot as many issues are even subconscious).

There is nothing magic (even though it is magical), we are just working in different realms where we are used to in western world. Rational thinking is a tiny tiny part of our brain capacity and not everything even happens in the mind. 

The mesa carriers are nature-lovers and find inner wisdom through mountains, stars, earth, sun and the moon, and of course the great spirit that prevails us all (whether recognized or not) in the world.

You can see also my down to earth spiritual thoughts on my FB page Everyday shaman.