The luminous energy field i.e. our energetic body organizes not only the physical body, but our external reality as well.

We tend to find ourselves in certain kind of relationships, get irritated by certain kind of issues in life and carry issues from our past that affect our current way of being and our capability of building a meaningful, joyful life today. Maybe you feel you are stuck and cannot figure out why. You may know that your own beliefs limit you but you cannot change them by yourself or in the level of mind, by rationalizing the issue.

The session begins with a short talk about how your life is today, with a focus on what is not working for you or where do you feel you are stuck or hurting. This can be physical disease, emotional issues, feelings of being stuck in situations or relationships, lost life force, stress, or repeating themes that keep showing up and do not serve you. I will then assist you in freeing the heavy energy and transforming the luminuous body by erasing the imprint that informed the body or mind. We will tie this all together at the end of the session by doing the mythic mapping, figuring out the way you can continue your life with the transformed energetic body in a new manner.

There are various ways to work on these issues. Always a part of the healing process is the Illumination process, the honored foundation of all shamanic healing. It is a gentle, clearing process that will leave you balanced, revitalized and happier. It helps release difficult imprints and drains toxic emotional energies. It brings deep healing at a soul level and, through the chakras, fills the body and the consciousness with pure light. Oftentimes we need to add something on top of the illumination, for example retrieval of lost soul parts (parts of ourselves that have been denied in other lifetimes, or have left our body following a sudden accident, a brutal separation or an unexpected trauma, leaving us handicapped and not fully functioning nor realizing our full potential today) or extractions in different forms (removing energies that block our life force or keep us in repetitive negative behavior patterns).

I have been studying the Medicine Wheel energy healing techniques, which are based on old traditions of Q'ero, the indigenous people in the Andies, and I am still continuing this path. My beloved teacher is Jeanette Mantel ( and she has directly been learning with Alberto Villoldo and other great wisdom keepers in Peru.

I can also do reiki sessions if wished so.

One session will take from 1 to 1,5 hours.

phone: +358 46 6004610


"The Illumination Process can accomplish in one session what can often take years to heal through psychotherapy".

                            Dr Alberto Villoldo