My mission is to create the world a bit better place for us people by promoting holistic healing, expanding our consciousness about health and self, and giving tools and ideas for personal holistic well-being, joy and balance in life. I want to encourage everybody to find their inner light in this world.

I focus mainly on corporate women but others are more than welcome, too. Together we decide on a suitable set of coaching based on your needs. 

I worked 16 years in a large multinational telecom company. I established and ran various organisations globally and coached many people on the way (which I loved by the way). I have my degrees in Law (Finland) and International Business (US) , which I successfully utilized in my "previous life".

I got tired  and did not feel motivated any more after that 16 years, and I wanted to switch my focus from business to a person, from achieving to peace, joy and balance, and wanted to study more about wellbeing and health, as somehow I also had forgotten something on my way. I then received my degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in N.Y. I have also expanded my wisdom in the area of ancient healing methods of the Andean people and how our mind cannot always handle or even recognize the issues that burden us or non-working behaviour patterns we carry. Thus for already 2 years I studied this "energy medicine" of the paqos, who have kept this wisdom for thousands of years and just recently started sharing that with western people. I visited Peru twice witnessing the origins of this and got to know the original people working with these methods.

Recently I also finished my 1,5-year studies on nature and environmental issues. Nature has been becoming more and more important for me personally during the years. I also got certified as a Metsämieli "Forest Mind" counselor and have learned the well-being effects of the nature. I am passionate about the healing effects of the nature and provide services within that context, too. 


Voluntary work is a very important way for me to be contributing to world's well-being and to give my share of good in this world. I am an active volunteer in KAPUA (www.kapua.fi) and also work for Finnish Mental Health Association as a trained volunteer in Sekasin-Chat, which helps youngsters in different challenging life situations.

Drawing on my acquired knowledge and wisdom I will create a completely personalized coaching that suits your (or your team's) uniqueness, your lifestyle, values, dreams and preferences. Many times we do not know what we want before we take the time to sit in peace and reflect on different issues that relate to own personal growth, habits and beliefs. For me this happened only after I quit my job in a corporate world and had time to do really deep self-reflection on various issues, not so easy road, but definitely worth it. I love my life today.

Maybe I can help you to do the same and in a bit easier way.

Let’s talk. Schedule an initial consultation with me today at mixingnuts@gmail.com 
or call me at + 358 46 6004610. 

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